Tatras in Essen

Essen2017-4 A team of the Tatra Register Deutschland showed a Wehrmacht T 57K along with a KdF Kubelwagen to show similarities and differences of the air-cooled flat four light vehicles. To make the stand attractive, the landings of the Allies in Normandy 1944 were imitated on a large background wallpaper while the sandy coast replaced the stone floor of the exhibition hall.  To inform the public leaflets on the T 57K and the TRD were available.  Further, a large number of WW2 photo’s where the T 57K was used by the German Ordnungspolizei, the SS, Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht were shown.  Last but not least, the crew consisting of Stefan Ebert, Hedwig Teriertte-Hübner, Roland Henkel, Jürg Malinovsky, Antonin Zavada and Kees Smit answered the questions of the stand. Tatra fans of several clubs and from several European clubs attended the stand. They came from the U.K., the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Eventually, the TRD stand managed 4th place in the club competition of the Techno Classica.



The last couple of years, there were several T 87s present at Essen. Not this year however witha Dutch T 80 offered a a large sum.