Budapest Közlekedési Múzeum (Transport Museum)

NesselsdorferTypBHungary2010Located near the Petofi Csarnok in the little-visited south-eastern corner of City Park, this wonderful museum, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1999, exhibits vintage motorcycles and bicycles, early model cars, and antique horse buggies. It also features large-scale 1:5 models of various kinds of historic vehicles, especially trains.  A model train set runs every 15 minutes on the mezzanine level; follow the crowds. On weekends a film on aviation history is shown at 11am. The gift shop features all sorts of transportation-related trinkets. An aviation exhibit is housed in the Petofi Csarnok, an all-purpose community center nearby.

Unknown by a a broad Tatra public is that the Budapest museum houses two rare Tatras.  The first one is an Unitas Tatra Typ 12, a Tatra assembled in Budapest from parts imported from Czechoslovakia. About 500 units were built and three units seems to have survived. Even rarer is a complete unrestored Nesselsdorfer Typ B of around 1902, the oldest Typ B still around. The museum will restore the Typ B and is looking for funds

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