French Tatra blog closes down

The one year old French Tatra blog regrettably closes down due to too little support.

Its webmaster Yves Boireau explains: 

Good night, blog TATRA in France closes its door at the end of 2010.
3038 hits since its inception December 6, 2009.

I thank the friends with whom I have corresponded over the world through this blog.
Thank you to everyone who trusted me, especially Tatraworld.
Jean Claude Lerat had warned me, but I thought … …….
TATRA, a beautiful story, and true car culture across many countries but not in France.
Too bad!

I continue my journey with my TATRA 603, another is being restored.

If you feel like it, you can always see me at Rambouillet, I organized some beautiful gatherings of cars, all TATRA there will always be well received.

Have a final look at: and enjoy.