Ixo/Altaya T 148 model

T148IXO-2011The original - Little-known Tatra trucks, of Czech origin, present unusual technical characteristics. First, they are driven by air-cooled diesel engines, such as Magirus Detz, but they are also equipped with a beam chassis on which are grafted the three axles of the trucks making a very long travel 6×6 of suspension. Making it robust construction trucks. Regarding the T148 S3 appeared in 1969, it was powered by a 6-cylinder in line 7412 cm3 which developed 96 hp at 2,400 r / min allowing him to move his 11-tonne payload to about 60 km / h. More . A video? Another?  The miniature - Signed Ixo, the Czech truck there really a place in the collection of old trucks to have traveled our roads? I leave it to fans to debate. For my part I will not answer me simply to look and make the presentation. Like the career Berliet GLR200 dump to the colors of SCREG, the TATRA T148 S3 reproduced in fine style lines, volumes and colors of the original. And, more easily than the first city, it has a functional lift bucket career with rear tilt. Also lifting mode are different. To be fair to Ixo the attention to detail on this truck is also distributed in the collections to the countries of Eastern Europe. This may explain that. Two wipers are placed quite thin at the base of the windshield in two parts. The front wings are surmounted antenna pattern and front turn signals. The wheels are equipped with wheels to original drawings. Note the tilted position and fair view of the spare tire mounted on the left side of the chassis. Which is plastic on the truck and supports the various tanks and a toolbox. The wheels are matched on the two trains back of the 6×6. The large rear flaps support the signaling devices, good color, and registration; There is even the funnel to guide the docking of a possible trailer, but without the hook of it. The interior of the cabin is occupied by the driver’s seat and a two-seater sofa brown. The instrument panel has a panel with two semi-circular dials. The chassis is unique to this model and has a reported aluminum exhaust.