Loprais on his way to the Dakar

Dakar2013LopraisT815Our almost an year long period of preparation to the hardest worlds competition, Dakar 2013, is finally ending. The rally is hosted again in the South America and starts on 5th January, 2013, in the capital city of Peru. So it is the first time, the rally begins in the driest city in the world, Lima.

On Thursday, 27.12. had the team farewell meeting with partners, friends, fans and also with media. he only person missing was Aleš Loprais’s navigator- Belgian Serge Bruynkens, whom will join the crew on his way to Peru. The visitors included legends of nowadays rally, for example Karel Loprais or Ota Měřínský. You can watch the interview with Karel Loprais here: http://vimeo.com/56420062.

Interesting and new information is the close cooperation and partnership between Loprais team and GripTV. Together we will try to take care of medial support and also bringing the most actual news about happening on the track of dakar competition.

If you’re watching happening around the team carefully, you certainly know how unlucky was this year’s Dakar. Although is a new car Tatra Jamal “Queen 69” prepared, it is untried. So it was the right choice to send to Peru an older car, which almost everyone calls “Princess 69”. But as says Aleš himself: “What does not kill you makes you stronger.” Se everyone is not only motivated but also prepared to give the best performance. Every member of the team has his own task and sets high goals – fight the absolut world top for victory in this extremely tough competition.

InstaForex Loprais Team sends 11 members to the South America, which is how you can see not much in comparison with the other teams and giants as Kamaz or Team De Rooy. There are 75 trucks entering this year’s competition rally race, which promises huge competition. It can be expected a huge competition, different strategies and for you – fans does it mean that it will be plenty to watch.

We wish the whole crew and expedition beautiful New Year’s Eve in the family circle, nice flight and minimize unwanted surprises and technical problems. We are proud and grateful for partner support, fans, media attention and also for the competition and the implementation team’s done work.

Lucie Houthoofdtová/ Loprais Team