InstaForex Loprais Team is heading on a rally to Poland and Hungary!

Alliance Loprais Buggyra Dakar Forces was considering taking part in alternative events as a substitute for the traditional after Dakar the second most difficult event Silk Way Rally 2014 which was cancelled earlier in the season.


After receiving information that the Silk Way Rally in the territory of Russia will be cancelled, we started communicating with competition and our partners. Together we came to a conclusion to take part in a very interesting event in Poland particularly the RALLY BRESLAU. Beside our team, the registration was confirmed also by other teams from Holland, Poland and Germany.

This event will mean a significant enrichment of our season and I believe that our friends and fans from the Czech Republic and other countries as well will find their way to support our team since after a long time they will have a chance to watch Dakar monsters in action close by” said Ales Loprais.

Considering the European standards, this event will be impressively longer, lasting from July 12th till July 19th and being held in Poland which has rich experience with organizing off road events.


The second event which stood out for us was the well-known BAJA HUNGARIA which is also one of the events of the FIA official calendar events. This event is shorter yet very attractive for the fans with the possibility of watching the racing in specific sections of the track where the fans can see from one place couple interesting sections of the race at once.

RALLY BAJA HUNGARIA takes place August 14th -17th and becomes then the second European event where you could meet the InstaForex Loprais Team.

Currently, the team is working on implementing the new unit Gyrtech into the special Queen 69 and on preparing for the two upcoming events.