840 Tatras sold in 2014; Euro-6 Tatra Phoenix introduced

Tatra has introduced the new Euro-6 Tatra Phoenix. It has a redesigned front, getting the Phoenix more in line with Tatra’ss otherr cabin, the T 815 based Terrno1 series. The available engines are Paccar ones, the MX-11 and MX-13, also fitted in the DAF models CF and XF.


Automobilka Tatra představila na svém polygonu v Kopřivnici na Novojičínsku... | na serveru Lidovky.cz | aktuální zprávy

Tatra automaker this year to sell about 840 vehicles, which exceed the plan by about 15 percent.Approximately a quarter of the car model line Tatra Phoenix, now the automaker launches engines with stringent Euro 6 emission specifications Adjusted Tatra vehicles unveiled at its polygon in Kopřivnice Novojičínsko.

Since its launch in 2011, has sold nearly 500 Tatra vehicles Phoenix.Last year they sold 215 of them this year would be approximately the same number.The manufacturing of vehicles Tatra Phoenix cooperates with the Dutch car manufacturer DAF, which is part of the US group Paccar, which gives the vehicle engines.Trucks Tatra Phoenix Euro 6 immediately based on previous models of vehicles emission specifications.Compared they have new cars such as a modified chassis with another embodiment of the front stabilizer and its saving or front shock absorbers.

“Vehicles Heavy-terrain rehearsing in the most demanding conditions.We are one of the first manufacturers of cars with engines of Euro 6 who are doing it, “said CEO Peter Fuller Tatras.Automaker focuses on areas where the most outstanding potential of its cars.It is a construction, agriculture, mining industry, but also for firefighters or municipal services.