Found! A novel on discovered, interesting cars (incl Tatras)

“But this was an original T77. Not the tamer and more tractable T87. The T77 was longer, wider, and had a coefficient of drag of only 0.212—unheard of even to this day. The car became a favorite of Dr. Eugen Heydrich, the Deputy Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, who used it on ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ business throughout Czechoslovakia, before it somehow found its way into Leningrad, just before the war ended. These so-called spoils of war were auctioned off…”

I just self published a book called FOUND, The Lives of Interesting Cars & How They Were Discovered that I think group may enjoy… It’s a ‘barn-find’ book with a twist: It’s a novel and consists of exciting discoveries of amazing vintage cars threaded together through a relationship between a young car fanatic and an elderly car collector.

Many interesting cars from Tatras, to Saabs, to Hemi Cuda’s—there’s something for every car buff.

“Tanner has the habit of stopping at every dilapidated garage, warehouse, or barn he comes across: What could possibly be lurking inside? A ‘66 Shelby, ‘32 Bugatti, or a clapped out ‘75 Mercury Bobcat?”

“An amazing friendship blossoms when a young car fanatic meets a seasoned collector after noticing his Riviera Blue BMW 2800 CS parked amongst a sea of Camry’s and Cavaliers at a local greasy-spoon.”

“Coffee turns into marathon conversations about amazing vintage cars, their colorful owners, and their own next chapters.”

Here’s another excerpt I picked out for the the Tatra Group for obvious reasons!

“Hey Mr. Brant. Do you know anything about Tatras?”

“Yes, a matter of fact I do: Groundbreaking aerodynamic design starting with the T77 in ‘34.”

“Do you know anything about Tatraplans?”

“It’s the 4 cylinder version, smaller fin, no louvers, lots of rear windows. They imported some into Canada back in 1950.”

“Well I’ve met an old guy, well, I mean, an elderly gentleman like you…”

“Did you stalk him as well? Does he have a restraining order out on you by chance?”

“Not yet… he told me about an old Tatraplan that’s been sitting forlorn in a blackberry bush for decades and gave me sort-of directions. He said he’s not mobile enough to check it out himself so I’m wondering if you’d be interested in going on a Tatra hunt sometime with me?”

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FOUND The Lives of Interesting Cars & How They Were Discovered. A Novel.

Gregory Long
Greg Long loves interesting cars. Actually, the weirder the better. But not just weird for weird-sake–but cars that changed the world through their designers amazing ideas and true innovations, many of which can be found in many ‘normal’ cars today. 

Greg got the vintage car bug as a teenager in Victoria, BC when his brother gave him a ‘dead’ old Citroen DS–why not start on this journey with one of the most complicated cars ever built!? Decades later he’s still sleuthing for interesting old cars, resurrecting them, and then trying desperately to store them. 

Greg is married and has three boys–two at colleges in Washington State and one still in high school. Greg lives in Kirkland and works, by day, for a major technology company.

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