Tatras and more at Techno Classica 2016



In the past years, dealers and Autostadt showed T 87s. Not this year however. Only Tatras present were a T 613-1 at the Tatra Register Deutschland club stand and a T 613 offered at the Coys auction. Auction results are unknown, however. The traditional Tatra club stand, run by the TFI till 2014 and since then by the TRD, welcomed several Tatra enthusiasts who are always welcome for a drink and a chat.


Though advertised as a car with only 23,445 kilometers on the clock, the meter read 223,445 km!   http://autoweek.com/article/auctions/7-cars-watch-coys-techno-classica-auction


But there was more to see of course:  Another three-headlamp car: Streamlined 1960 Pininfarina X prototype.  More pix: http://www.classic-car.tv/news/article0531/