TFI: Does the phoenix rises from its ashes?

Early May a Tatra meeting will be organised in Mattsee, Austria.  It is held on the well-known traditional Ascension weekend, always claimed and used by the Tatra Freunde International.  As the TFI has experienced problems with finding successors in their supervisory board, the (the oldest western-European Tatra Club)  club made a neglected impression the last years with no annual meeting held in 2015 and no meeting planned in 2016.  To give its members a chance to meet again, some members have taken the initiative to meet again and a meeting was planned in Mattsee, Austria, the place where the TFI was founded in 1975 by Dr. Friedrich Duering The supervisory board of the TFI has requested the organisation of the meeting to allow a TFI general members to be held to decide whether the TFI should be discontinued or reactivated with a new supervisory board. All initiatives are welcomed.

The 2016 Mattsee meeting has attracted a wide range of Tatras from a T 11 to T 613s.  Thirty-five Tatras from not less than seven countries will head for Austria early May. Unique cars like a T 77, a T 17/31 and an Austr0-Tatra will be present.

The TFI has been a very active club in the past, with its last meeting held in 2014 in the Netherlands. Previous meetings were held in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.K. Als, the TFI participated in the 1987, 1997 and 2007 Vienna-Koprivnice meeting, to celebrate the anniversary of the Tatra factory.

T12T57Noordwijkerhout2014De nummerborden wijzen op een internationaal gezelschap

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