Miss Saigon was built in Czechoslovakia

Antique Tatra in exclusive restaurant

There are long, the Tatra T87 (produced in 1940) are all adorned car in front Restaurant Saigon’s downtown area left many passersby glanced always. Because there are not a few other restaurants also showcase classic cars, but not where there are fancy cars such shares.

Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_1

Tatra T87 display at City CBD international friends and fans.

As senior Tatra cars – the company only produces automotive and heavy truck special car for the head of state (the two first president of former Czechoslovakia were selected this ride), Tatra T87 is kind of limousine luxury is produced in limited quantities, it looks much more prominent (first 3 motorcycle headlights, tail high pointed dorsal fin shark varieties …). Compared with existing models antique cars in Vietnam, Tatra T87 style aristocratic design, refinement in from the curving lines of the front wheel fenders until sunroof (sunroof) greater than 1 m 2, belongs to the oversized compared with the same type of car.
Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_2Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_3Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_4Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_5
The order of the steps to be a challenge even for the fluent drive.
In addition to interior and exterior condition of 95% original, the classic cars equipped with gasoline engines still operating well with the label sheet (name-plate) attached to the main manufacturers of engine room. Look out world, this model is also very rare due to the total number of vehicles produced starting from nearly 80 years ago has little to strong fluctuations over time, especially due to the war. The car is a testament to the high level of development of heavy industry Czech Republic, especially in metallurgy, machine tools with high quality technology and precision metal cutting.
Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_6Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_7The label (name-plate) originally attached to the engine compartment.
Tatra T87 sample car is one of the industry’s typical cars Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia), produced at the factory Tatra from 1936 to 1950 with a total of 3,023 units due to Dr. Hans Ledwinka design – one of the leading experts in the field of car designer. This car impresses with powerful styling and aerodynamic standards staging famous hanging V8 engine capacity of 2.9L 85 bhp power, cooling completely in the air, can reach speeds of over 160 km / h (a record at the time).
Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_8Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_9Ngo Hong Chuyen vehicle owners in the Tatra Museum.
Tatra T87 hold a special position in the Tatra vehicles Series7 not only because of the unique appearance but also by contemporary celebrities have been close, loved, appreciated and used. If you have the opportunity to refer to the site as www.tatra87.cz, www.auto.idnes.cz or video clip in English introduced this model on www.youtube.com, really classic car enthusiasts will be attracted innovative spirit by the beauty of the car once the mobile office of president more: Tatra T87.
According to Ngo Hong Chuyen vehicle owners – owner of Hoa Vien beer hall, the classic car hobby as he wanted to share with everyone the unique, perfect quality, enduring beauty of the time … strange and rare models such as Tatra T87.
Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_10Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_11Ô tô cổ Tatra 3 đèn pha hàng độc tại TPHCM_12
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