U.S. T 87 sold at ebay


Needless Czech automotive hobbyist who would not know Tatra T87, a renowned aerodynamic cars from Kopřivnice. Its chief designer was Hans Ledwinka and T87 is basically the second generation model T77. It was shorter, lighter and more powerful version of the Tatra T77 and had a better driveability. Inside the T87 has a three-liter eight-cylinder air-cooled OHC, which offered 85 horses and drove the car up to 160 km / h. That’s because it was amazingly aerodynamic – drag coefficient of 0.36 is a good result today, and here we are talking about the car, which first appeared on the market in 1934.
In his time with the Tatra T87 produced about three thousand, but today most of them very likely to exist. This car has barely meet on Czech roads and of course even more rare in the United States, where he also is one of the prized pieces of automotive history. In connection with the June sale of a piece in perfect condition we talked about 10 pieces T87 on US soil, and such information is not hard to believe.
The beautiful, renovated and dark blue was one of them. Second, about which we hear now is in much worse shape, as you can see in the photos below. It was recently found in Virginia in the abandoned premises of the company, dealing with car repairs. The Tatra was once entrusted to bring it back to perfect condition, for some reason, but also other steps “by cage ‘cars was left fallow. Reportedly, after decades, so instead the renovation got her just the opposite – the gradual decay.

Details on this finding us a lot of sellers did not communicate, it is not even certain that the car production year 1947 or 1948, one of them but it will be. With regard to the above mentioned car is available a number of new parts that are still in very good condition and could be used. However, what of the car itself, we do not know – the vendor talks about that except unflattering parts of the state around the left rear wheel of the car is still in usable condition and suitable for renovation.
There is no doubt that this car will need a lot of work before getting into a state in which the owner wanted him to present in shows or rallies, but beyond a point of no return, definitely not. Evidenced by the price at which the weekend were sold at auction on eBay . The selling price was a nice round $ 50,000, in the crowns it was about 1.28 million.
That includes the car in such a state really a lot of money and Americans remember how 10 years ago as 50,000 USD bought two T87 good or at least fully driveable condition. In this regard, the market really is mad, and Tatra which obviously are not spared. On the other hand, look at her – even in this state is a charming piece of technology that you simply renovating deserve. So a big thank you to anyone who is not afraid to plunge into millions of such cars to be chic again …