TRD Rally Nahetal

Just one week after the 120 years Tatra rally, the TRD held its annual event, at the last weekend of June, in the valley of River Nahe.  About thirty cars were present, some of them just returning from the Czech Rally. Of of the fellow competitors, Raimund Bartl arrived at the hotel just after midnight where he had a drink with other Tatra owners. He, however, had sudden pain on the breast and was reanimated, first by Tatra colleagues with a medical education, then by ambulance personnel and finally by a practitioner. It was to no avail though as he passed away under the hands of his reanimators.

It does not take much imagination that everybody was shocked the next day. Out of respect, the rally organisation provided all competitors with a mourning ribbon and a rose.

The rally itself was nicely organised and the route was splendid.






Silent witness.

Raimund Bartl’s ivory T 603 was left behind, only the flowers witnessing that something had happened.


Raimund Bartl will be buried on July 14th 9.30 at Friedhof Letter(Hölderlinstrasse 6, 30926 Seelze)