Concours dÉlegance Soestdijk invites Cars from behind the iron curtain


Here is a message for our Dutch fans.

The Concours dÉlegance Soestdijk 2019 invites cars from behind the iron curtain for their National Concours.  They organise a “Wallflowers” category for all cars from behind the wall.  If you own a Dacia, IFA, Lada, Melkus, Moskvitch, Olctit, Polonez, Polski Fiat, Scaldia, Sachsenring, Skoda, Syrena, Trabant, Tatra, Volga, Wartburg,  Yalta, Zaporozhets, ZIM or ZIS or any other similar brand, please do not hesitate to contact the organisers.

I do not know how many cars are welcome and if your brand is already presented, but give it a try if you would like to attend. According to an e-mail i received today, some Eastern-Bloc cars are still welcome. ADRESS:

Please spread the message to Eastern-bloc car fans.