Tomecek finishes third in the Africa Eco race! And no mechanic or navigator in his cabin!

Tomáš Tomeček and his orange TATRA won an amazing 3rd place in AFRICA ECO RACE 2020!

Desert Master or Captain Solo, Tomáš Tomeček reached the final line of AFRICA ECO RACE 2020 as a third truck bringing yet again an amazing result back home!

The tract to Dakar was again very well planed and offered a differentiated parts of the race. The orange Tatra was loosing a little bit of the horsepower on the straight lines, but the parts of the race where the competitors had to deal with dunes and loose sand were just what Tatra needed to catch up the lost time.


Once again, many thanks to TOM RACING and the whole team!

You can find all the videos and photos here.

Rally report:

Leaving Prague for the rally: Video: