75 years ago: The last battle of World War II in Europe near Slivice in the Příbram region


Photo shows demarcation line in Cimelice opn May 9-10 19045 with Americans on the left and Germans on the right. Note T 87 in the centre.

Please open the PDF files of https://www.muzeum-pribram.cz/cz/akce/detail/posledni-bitva-2-svetove-valky-v-evrope-u-slivice-na-pribramsku/848/?fbclid=IwAR3DNzH-jS_-HWhZd8CZZeSFqcpLvfW4suG-r93Qp9ZZRwjFM9ikLZ4dbtw

(Thanks to Robert Keil for posting the photo above on Facebookl)