May 1945: 75 years ago. Germans fleeing westwards using everything.

Under the Surrender Act of May 7, 1945, officially ending the war, the German occupiers were allowed to leave Czechoslovakia, with the Germans preferring to surrender to the Americans and not to the Russians who arrived in Prague not before May 9, 1945. It meant that the German troops and civilians fled westwards, having to deal with the Prague uprising and their roadblocks, slowing the Germans.

Here are some pix of Germans fleeing westwards with Tatras.


T75 fleeing Prague


Military and civilians arriving in Rokycany with a T57K


On their way direction Plzen, May 9, 1945


T 97 having arrived in Ejpovice


T75 with fleeing German firefighters and policemen in Prague.  Note missing rear tyre.


T111 (left, behind bus) in Melnik. May9th, 1945