Just in time annual Dutch Tatra Rally


The Dutch Annual Tatra Rally, traditionally held in the third weekend of September was troubled by a very bad weather forecast and the fast rise of Covid-19 infections, the so called “second wave”.  Not that there was no understanding of course, but the organizers regretted that foreign participants had to cancel their trip because of a negative travel advice. Nevertheless, the weather improved considerably over the weekend, giving the organizers , the van Groning family, credits for their well organized rally.

Held in Fryslân, the route took us along minor roads through the centre and north of Fryslân, visiting several interesting museums like a corn-mill, Frisian boat museum (skûtsje), dreamery villages, the northern coast and the picturesque city of Dokkum.

Just days later, the authorities announced new rules to restrict the number of people at social meetings, circumstances that would have made the rallye impossible…………


Photos by Jan van Groning:  https://www.rtvnof.nl/tatra-oldtimers-bij-museum-de-sukerei/?fbclid=IwAR3Xrjyd48Lh3IOkDVONkNNsqO6unhRSr9Q-gniYd8w0xPJfjJvDFAPjCcE