Corona proof Christmas gift: Tatra and Skoda 2021 Calendars by Vladimir Cettl




In February 2020, a generous presentation took place in Paris, which has only happened once in many decades – an exhibition of Tatra cars from its beginnings to the last model of a passenger car. The idea of a large exhibition of Tatra cars at the Retromobil in Paris was born for several long years. It is very gratifying about the whole initiative that it came from French collectors and fans who decided to present to the local public the rich history of the Tatra brand, but also the story of travelers Hanzelka and Zikmund, who traveled with the Tatra 87 in politically difficult times and created a legend of unique cars with air-cooled engine. When Denis Alexander and I drank coffee one cold evening in Prague and he offered me that my exhibition of photographs of Tatra wrecks could be a diversification of this exhibition, I listened really carefully! Suddenly I hear the Frenchman telling me that a dream that seemed soarly unrealistic may soon come true! Above all, when the real preparations at all levels started, it was clear that this would be a very demanding logistical event. About half of the cars in the exhibition belonged to French collectors, but many unique cars needed to be brought to Paris from the Czech Republic. Loading and unloading rare cars in special trucks is a demanding process, but also a great show! Salon Rétromobile is one of the largest veteran car shows in the world. In a few days, it is visited by more than 100,000 spectators and is followed by many other initiatives throughout Paris – especially auctions. It was a little unimaginable for me what such traffic could actually look like and if it’s not a bit of an exaggerated number, but then we experienced it! Tens of thousands of people spilled over the exhibition every day. The most frequently asked questions were as follows: “What country is Tatra from? Czechs? And still produce? Ah, Tatra from the Paris-Dakar Rally, of course! ”We have to admit that in a car in self-sufficient France, Tatra is a bit of a mysterious brand and the intention to surprise the public with something they don’t know, even though it has a deep and rich tradition, has turned out great! It should be added that when this car show took place in February 2020, the coronavirus epidemic rolling in from China was already on our heels. Even during his car show, everything was relatively normal. It was still just “one of the news” on French television, but when I left, I had a problem getting on the plane, because many flights were canceled. The passengers, together with the airlines, dealt with a very complex situation, which was getting worse and more complicated every day. Two weeks later, such a large event could no longer take place, as well as many others that have not taken place since.



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formát: A3+ 48 x 33 cm

– rozsah: 13 listů

– každý výtisk je číslovaný a podepsaný

– cena: 555,-Kč + poštovné: 115,-Kč při platbě předem nebo 145,-Kč s dobírkou

– price: 39,- EUR with postage for the countries EU (SK, D, F…) & UK

– objednávky zasílejte na: a do nadpisu zadejte slovo “kalendář tatra”nebo calendar skoda

– the orders to be sent to: (the “calendar tatra”or”calendar skoda” in the