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Bike news from Koprivnice

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Czech Republic’s largest bike manufacturer acquired

The Czech Republic’s largest bike manufacturer, Bike Fun International, has been acquired after more than a year of negotiation by investment group Consillium.

In the trade Bike Fun is best known as the manufacturer behind house label Superior, Rock Machine and Frappé, though the production lines are likewise busy with OEM bicycles for foreign markets.

More than 80% of the Kopřivnice production is exported. The company employs almost 500 people and has produced more than 2.5 million bikes and e-Bikes during its history.

bike manufacturer“The sale of BFI has been our long-term goal. In recent years, the company has entered such a rapid phase of growth that me and other owners have not been able to finance it in the long run. And just at the right time we were contacted by the Consillium investment group who have the necessary funds to finance the company’s growth. I am glad that the BFI will be in Czech hands”, said Mark de Kwant, CEO and the founder of BFI who, together with the top management, remains in charge of the company.

The new owner, Consillium, plans to further develop BFI which has produced more than 2.5 million bicycles since 2001.

“Thanks to this acquisition we can offer our customers sports equipment 365 days a year,” said Tomáš Klápště, Managing Director of Consillium. In addition to the recently acquired bicycle brands, the company also owns the Austrian ski brand Kästle and the Czech ski manufacturer Sporten.

Consillium does not plan to change the portfolio of BFI brands; on the contrary, they want to strengthen their development and support expansion into global markets.

“We will support not only the foreign expansion of our bicycle brands, which will be costly, but also the growth of the offer for OEM customers. We want the BFI to continue to grow because we know that this company and the people in it have what it takes to succeed,” explained Tomáš Klápště.

BFI currently sells bicycles and accessories in 29, mostly European, countries. Mark de Kwant will also lead to the continuity of growth as the CEO in the coming years.

“In January 2021 we will be launching the ninth production line and the launch of the tenth will depend on the supply of materials. In order to grow we need to find a lot of more new employees in the coming months,” said Mark de Kwant. The company’s strategy thus remains the same as before the change of the owner: to increase production, continually improve quality, offer top customer service and support new markets.

The Kopřivnice factory, which is located in the Tatra complex, produces almost 200,000 bicycles and e-bikes a year sold mostly on European markets. In addition to in-house development, its paint shop and bicycle production, BFI is engaged in the development of the Sport Drive electric drive and the production of bicycle accessories under the ONE Bikeparts brand. Last year BFI achieved a turnover of 105 million euro.

The Czech Republic has been one of a number of countries to benefit from the Covid bike boom, with some suppliers turning to the European territory for emergency bike supply.


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December 12th, 2020

The joint venture of Czech and German armourers will bear the name Tatra

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November 26, 2020 5:46 PM
The joint venture of the Czech company Czechoslovak Group (CSG) with the German armaments giant Rheinmetall will be based in the Kopřivnice car manufacturer Tatra. And the legendary brand will also have in the name. The strategic project will focus on the development and production of tactical military vehicles.

Koprivnicka Tatra | photo: Alexandr Satinský, MAFRA

Both companies will establish a joint venture, which will bear the name of the Czech company Tatra in its name. It will be located in Kopřivnice in the Moravian-Silesian Region directly on the premises of the Tatra company, which belongs to the portfolio of the CSG holding. The creation of a new company should also bring new skilled jobs.

“A new strategic company will be established in the Moravian-Silesian Region, which will not be an assembly plant, but a developer and manufacturer of modern defense technologies,” said CSG media representative Andrej Čírtek.

Czechoslovak Group and Rheinmetall have agreed on a joint armaments company at the Castle

Representatives of both companies signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of tactical military vehicles at Prague Castle on Wednesday. President Miloš Zeman was present at the signing. However, CSG did not publish the details of the cooperation until Thursday.

Rheinmetall is one of the largest European arms companies. In the Czech Republic, it is bidding for a contract for the production of 210 infantry tracked combat vehicles for 50 billion crowns. The company recently won a similar contract in Hungary, where it will produce Lynx belt armor. It is on the Visegrad countries – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary – that both companies want to focus on cooperation. the transfer of defense technologies between Germany and the Czech Republic. CSG will act as a partner in Rheinmetall’s projects together with dozens of other Czech defense industry companies that are involved in the Rheinmetall supply chain.

Together, they want to develop and manufacture new variants of military tactical vehicles in Kopřivnice and win export orders.

“We look forward to working with Rheinmetall and believe that it represents a significant milestone in the modernization of the armed forces and domestic industry in the Czech Republic,” said CSG Director Michal Strnad.

According to Rheinmetall Chairman of the Board Armin Papperger, CSG can join the existing global supply chain for a wide range of German company’s defense products. “It’s a key relationship for Rheinmetall,” he said.

Hungary has chosen new belt armor. He buys 218 Lynx vehicles

Čírtek noted that the negotiated partnership does not depend on domestic projects and contracts, but has long-term potential, because Rheinmetall’s production capacities are busy and it needs quality Czech suppliers.

“Rheinmetall and CSG are ready to invest in the development of production capacities and the development of new technologies in the joint venture,” he said, adding that the first step in the joint venture will be to transfer production .



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December 12th, 2020

Tatra Kopřivnice might be interested in the closing MAN works in Steyr (Austria).

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Phoenix14x12 2020

(Tatra Phoenix 14×12)

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December 8th, 2020

The Strela’s new home

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StrelaHousingConcept2020 At the pagem choose Englishh)

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December 8th, 2020

Kopřivnice Engineering Days 26. – 27. 9. 2020

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Kopřivnice Engineering Days comprise a unique interactive showcase of “popularly known” feats of engineering, as well as special cutting-edge technology.

Both big and small will find something here of interest. They will see static and dynamic demonstrations of trucks, special vehicles, cranes, agricultural machinery, fire trucks and other interesting equipment. All this in the attractive location of the TATRA test polygon.  The tour will be accompanied by an interesting supporting program full of entertainment, concerts and experiences. The general partner of the event is the city of Kopřivnice and TATRA TRUCKS, Inc.

Free event

September 24th, 2020

Poland’s HSW, Czech Republic’s Tatra to co-produce light 4×4 vehicles for Polish Army

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The vehicle is intended to be the base platform for a wide variety of specialized variants. It is envisaged initially as a battery or platoon level command vehicle for multiple rocket launchers and self-propelled howitzers

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September 24th, 2020

170 years of Tatra & Tatra today

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September 24th, 2020

Video: The Slovak Arrow returns from the paintshop

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Slovak Arrow after paintjob June 2020

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June 20th, 2020

The history of Tatra Čadca.

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June 9th, 2020

The Tatra works and the corona virus

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May 14th, 2020
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