Czech T 87 stamp

Historical means of transport – car Tatra 87

Release Date: 21st September 2016
Name of issue: Historic Transport: Tatra 87
Nominal value: CZK 16
Catalog number: 903
Graphic design: Vaclav Zapadlík
Print sheets: 50 stamps in a check register: 25 + 25 pcs car biplane
Image Dimensions stamp: 40 x 23
Type of print: full color offset

Historické dopravní prostředky - automobil Tatra 87

Mark Story:

Tatra 87 car is higher grade manufactured by Tatra Czechoslovakia from 1937 to 1950. It is a luxury aerodynamic car, the successor to the Model T 77 A. Its quality demonstrated Tatra 87 in 1947-1950, when this car silver undertook Jiri Hanzelka and Miroslav Zikmund trip to Africa and South America. According to the US newspaper The New York Times is a collectible car of 2010, beating strong competition 651 cars. In 1936 they produced the first two prototypes of the T-87 for tests and in 1937 another five cars test series. Tatra 87 was officially introduced in 1937. Since 1938 he has produced T-87 series. In 1940 they were produced and two convertibles for possible use in the military. After the war he continued serial production of T-87 with minor changes to the bodywork until the 1950s.

FDC – first day cover:

The stamp is issued a first day cover and a special postmark.

Historické dopravní prostředky - automobil Tatra 87

Historické dopravní prostředky - automobil Tatra 87

Historické dopravní prostředky - automobil Tatra 87

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Author: Zdeněk Jindra | 3. 10. 2016