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A video impression of the construction of the 2020 Tatra stand at Retromobile, Paris + the accompanying calendar offered!

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Calendar 2021 – Tatra in Paris

In February of 2020 a grand event took place in Paris, the kind that
only takes place every few decades: an exhibition covering Tatra cars
from the very beginning up until the final passenger car model. The idea
of having a large Tatra exhibition at Rétromobile in Paris had been
brewing for a number of years. The heart-warming thing about this
initiative is that it was hatched by French collectors and fans. They
decided to introduce the public to Tatra’s rich history as well as such
stories as the one about the travellers Hanzelka and Zikmund; the duo
that travelled the world in a Tatra 87 during some politically very
difficult times and thus created a legend about this unique vehicle with
an air-cooled engine.

One cold evening, as Denis Alexandre and I were drinking coffee together
in Prague, he suggested that my photos of Tatra wrecks might be an
interesting addition to the exhibition, and my ears perked up! Suddenly
I heard this Frenchman telling me that my grand and unrealistic dream
could actually soon become reality! Once the preparations for the show
really got going on all levels, it was clear that this was a very
challenging event logistically speaking. About half the cars belonged to
French collectors, but many unique cars had to be transported to Paris
from the Czech Republic. Loading and unloading rare cars into a special
truck is a difficult process, and quite the show! Salon Rétromobile is
one of the largest veteran car shows in the world. It is visited by over
100,000 people in just a few days and several other related events take
place all over Paris – mainly auctions. I could barely imagine this high
level of attendance and wondered if perhaps the numbers weren’t somewhat
exaggerated. But then we experienced it for ourselves! Tens of thousands
of people wandered through the exhibition daily. The most common
inquiries went as follows: ‘Where do Tatras come from? The Czech
Republic? And are they still made? Oh, Tatra, like the Paris–Dakar
Rally, of course!’ France is rather self-sufficient when it comes to
cars and so Tatra is still a bit of a mysterious brand there. Yet
surprising people with something that has a deep and rich history, yet
is unknown to them was a great pleasure!

I must add that in February of 2020, when the car show took place, the
coronavirus epidemic that spread from China was closing in on us. During
the show, things were still relatively normal. The French news still
just reported on the epidemic as one of several news items, however, on
my way home I had some trouble getting onto a plane as many flights were
cancelled. Passengers and airlines found themselves in a difficult
situation, which was getting worse and more complicated by the day. Had
it been scheduled two weeks later, the show would’ve had to be
cancelled, just as many other later events were.

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Price: 39,- EUR with postage for the countries EU (SK, D, F…) & UK
The orders to be sent to: (the “calendar tatra” in the

January 8th, 2021

Anybody know the the identity of this T77? Note small star up front and the uniform of the soldier.

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December 30th, 2020

T603-1 sold fast

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This Bavarian T 603-1, was sold quickly.  To Tatra diehards, it is a rather well known car, as it was exhibited in the Tatra Museum till a few years ago,

September 24th, 2020

Buying a Tatraplan in Czech Republic or a T603 in Poland? Pros and cons.

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T 603:

(Prizes in the articles do not seem realistic)

September 24th, 2020

New T87 bodies offered for sale

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More pix and details at:

January 30th, 2020

Tatra T603: It’s a woman!

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A very neat coffee-table book on the T603 was published recently.  It is a  representative book about the legendary Tatra 603.  On 384 pages he will personally tell you his life story. The book is richly illustrated with 354 images, including unique studio photos and a number of unpublished archive images.


Scroll through the book:

November 11th, 2019

T87-2, T603-2s offered in Germany

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(Adverts found by Stefan Ebert)

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November 7th, 2019

Tatra 77 and Tugendhat villa book

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On October 16th , the coffee-table book on a meeting of the villa Tugendhat and the Tatra77 was introduced at the Technical Museum in Prague.

Tatra 77 and Villa Tugendhat represent the top works of the early 1930s, which testify to the world level of design, automotive and architecture in the First Czechoslovakia Republic. The publication documents their first meeting, which took place in May 2017.

Natural harmony is celebrated by the unique author’s b/w photographs depicting the purity of shape and the highest level of craftsmanship. The accompanying texts in logically structured chapters then shed light on the remarkable conceptual and historical context of the timeless message of the creators, led by Hans Ledwink and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.


See some inside pages of the book and find out how to order a copy:

October 30th, 2019

Quiz: Are you a real Tatra expert?

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Wait till the page is translated automatically into English (or wait till a translation window shows up)and follow instruction  and the fill in the quiz.

October 20th, 2019

Tatras at Techno Classica 2019

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The Tatra Register Deutschland showed the Gail family owned 1937 T57a.  With its bonnet open, it attracted lots of vattention, people asking the stand staff about its peculiar construction. But even more, Tatra owners visited the TRD stand in hall 8 to share experiences and have a drink.


Dutch classic car firm Nico Aaldering offered a nice T 87 at E 230.000

Video where Nico Aaldering tells his audience the well-known juicy nonsense about Tatra, Nazi Germany and VW. :



Where the Aaldering T 87 was experienced as expensive, an immaculate Ecorra restored T 87 topped the Aaldering one by another E 110.000 resulting in an asking price of E 340.000.  Luckily, most classic car traders at the show, experienced that prices of classic cars are dropping at the moment.

April 13th, 2019
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