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Meeting August Lacina and a T603 B5 1966 Video

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Owner Jiri Prochazka, August Lacina, Kees Smit

Members of the former Tatra race team used to meet once a year for a beer and nostalgic talks.  They then also visited the start?finish of the local circuit, the Stramberk-Rybi-Zavisice triangle, t6he public roads not only used for incidental races, but also for Tatra testing. Regrettably, due to age problems, deaths and other problems, only August Lacina was able to be present. As a navigator, he teamed up with Milan Hruby, Jiri Pelucha, Ivan Micik and others.  But for at least three years he teamed up with the well-known Jaroslav Pavelka.


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June 7th, 2019

How I lost my Beetle. A documentary

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Last sunday, the “How I lost my beetle” Josef Ganz documentary debuted at the Louwman Museum in the Hague. Video (Trailer) Unlike Schilperoord’s publications on the Ganz-VW priority battle, the documentary solely tells the personal story about Ganz’ (controversial) claim loosing his designs to the Nazis.  A technical comparison between Ganz’ designs and the VW beetle isn’t part of the documentary. The documentary however pays attention to the restoration of an early Standard Superior, found in the former GDR. The absence of a technical discussion puts the documentary regrettably in a victim famework. It is the Nazis against Ganz. Herbie versus the Shoa as the documentary producer put it.

GanzSchilperoord29April2019Paul Schilperoord, Lorenz Schmid and families

May 1st, 2019

Tatras at Techno Classica 2019

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The Tatra Register Deutschland showed the Gail family owned 1937 T57a.  With its bonnet open, it attracted lots of vattention, people asking the stand staff about its peculiar construction. But even more, Tatra owners visited the TRD stand in hall 8 to share experiences and have a drink.


Dutch classic car firm Nico Aaldering offered a nice T 87 at E 230.000

Video where Nico Aaldering tells his audience the well-known juicy nonsense about Tatra, Nazi Germany and VW. :



Where the Aaldering T 87 was experienced as expensive, an immaculate Ecorra restored T 87 topped the Aaldering one by another E 110.000 resulting in an asking price of E 340.000.  Luckily, most classic car traders at the show, experienced that prices of classic cars are dropping at the moment.

April 13th, 2019

Video: Veteran Arena Olomouc enlarged

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April 2nd, 2019

T77a Video

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March 27th, 2019

Video: Tatra truck program tested

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March 14th, 2019

Video: Rare film shot of T57K in 1945

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T57KWerWarHitlerKap17RetreatatBattleof Bulge1945

Photos of the T 57K during the war days are rare, as are films.  Extremely rare are colour films.  In Hermann Pölking’s documentary “Wer war Hitler?” (Who was Hiler?) there is however a rare shot of a T 57K with a driver and officer on board.  It shows the German Wehrmacht retreating after their unsuccessful Ardennes counteroffensive in 1944-1945

Background info on Ardennes counteroffensive:


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March 14th, 2019

Video: Why the Tatra 603 Was the Coolest Commie Car Ever

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March 1st, 2019

30 min. video: The Slovenska Strela under restauration. English subtitles.

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February 28th, 2019

Jakub Reljek testing the T 603 B5. 9,5 min video with english subtitles

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February 28th, 2019
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