T 77 Register

The idea to start a T77 & T77a register about remaining T 77 & T77a’s started in 2005 when replicas of the T 77 and T 77a were getting build on request of customers.

This register hopes to inform you about the history of all the cars known to the register.

In order to establish a complete registry of all the Tatra T77 and T77a models still around, we are trying to list all the vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and to collect the maximum of informations.

If you have specifications, colours, pictures, serial numbers or questions, comments, reviews, please contact the webmaster in Dutch, English or German at smitkees@planet.nl

Update: February 17, 2013

Update: February 27, 2010

Update Jan 3 2008: Updates on cars 33900 and 33907

Update Jan 7 2008: Updates on car 23098

Update March 2010: many photos added

Update April 10 2010″Car 23038


Photo: Ostrava, 1983

Typ: : T77

Year of production : 1934

Delivery date : 1934

Chassis number: : 23008

Org. engine number : 201506

Present engine nr. : 201718

First owner: : Unknown

Bought by Kees Smit on June 9, 1983 from Jaromir Kurc, Zdenka Stepanka 1878, Ostrava /CS T77Tucho

Partly demolished in 1986 with main interior body parts and power train remaining.

All remaining parts exported to the Netherlands in 1988.

Remains sold and imported in CZ by mr Gonzür/ Prague in 2000

Remains sold to Czech collector in 2004

At the moment complety being built up again with new chassis and front axle. New body will use as many original parts as possible.

Oldest surviving T 77 known.


Photo: Essen 2006

Typ: : T77

Year of production : 1934

Delivery date : 27 11 1934

Chassis number: : 23014

Orig. engine nr : 201514

First owner: : Gernin

Original, early production car.

Originally fitted with Webasto sunroof.

In 2006 sold from Slovakia to Czech Republic (Mr Majoros)T77Braam2

Resold to fineautomobiles.com in 2005

Presented on the 2006 Essen Classic Motor Show by Axel Schütte.

Sold to a Chicago Tatra enthusiast.

Under restoration by Cooper Technica in 2012-2013 http://coopertechnica.com/1934-Tatra-T77.php


Photo: Vienna – Koprivnice rallye 1997

Typ: : T77

Year of production : 1935

Delivery date : 8 09 1936T77Uc2

Chassis number: : 23021

Org. engine number : 201522

Present engine nr. : 201522

First owner: : Hynkr Truzera syn Prague

Original T77 body converted to a three headlamp T77a nose model.

Restored by Czech privateer mr Uc of Prague

Sold to mr Majoros/ CZ

Competed in the 1997 100 year Tatra rally Vienna-Brno-Koprivnice

Sold to collector in CZ in 2004

Only running T77/T77a in CZ (but not for long)


Vienna 2007

Typ: : T77

Year of production : 1935

Delivery date : 8 09 1936

Chassis number: : 23038

Org. engine number : 201538

Present engine nr. : 201538

First owner: : Lohčri Copper, Jaromir

Car was on show at the pre-war annual Vienna Automobile Show.

Originally fitted with Webasto sunroof.

Converted to a three-headlamp T77a nose.

Bought as a fairly complete non-running, unrestored car from village near Trnava /Slovakia by two Austrians in 1992

Sold to Hampton Wayt in 2007; sold back to Jan Strilka (CZ) in 2009.

Strilka started some restoration activities in 2010

With minor cosmetic impovements the T 77 was offered at the Bonhams February 2013 Paris auction.  Estimated at E 350.000 – 450.000, the T 77 dound no bidders higher than E 220,000



“Austrian dream”


Photo: Luzern 1993

T77BergerRestoTyp: : T77

Year of production : 1935

Delivery date : 21 05 1935

Chassis number: : 23042

Org. engine number : 201537

Present engine nr. : 201537

First owner: : F. Schenk

Car privately used by Swiss Tatra importer Ferdinand Schenk .

By the end of the thirties sold to a Geneva customer.

Converted to a three-headlamp model.

Crashed in the fifties with considerable front end damage.

Bought back by a son of Schenk, Ferdinand Schenk jr. in the late fifties.T77CarofthecenturyAmsterdam

Built back in the eighties/ early nineties to a two-headlamp model and restored by several firms in Switzerland.

Body: Carrosserie Neuenhof

Engine: SIM, Bern

Overall restoration & supervising: Rene Berger, Hegnau

Donated by the Schenk family to Verkehrshaus Luzern /CH in 1993

The car was part of the “Car of the Century” exhibition that travelled the world.

The T 77 is part of the permanent collection of the Verkehrshaus.

One of the Verkehrshaus star attractions


T 77 in Prague’s National Technical Museum in 1997 with T77a chassisnr 35696 in the background

Typ: : T77

Year of production : 1935

Delivery date : 01 10 1935

Chassis number: : 23071

Org. engine number : 201575

Present engine nr. : 201575

First owner: : Jaroslav Zatka, Budweis.

Was exhibited in 1997 at the NTM during their “100 year Tatra show”

Owned by a Czech Tatra enthusiast.

T77SlovakiaTyp: : T77

Year of production : 1935

Delivery date :

Chassis number : 23098

Org. engine number :

Present engine nr. : 201598

First owner: :

This T 77 was once a taxi in Prague T77WebastoWreck

Sold to Tatra enthusiast in Ivánka pri Dunaji , a village near Bratislava.

Bought about 2003 from Slovakia by a mr Hošek.

Exported to Czech republic.

After a couple of years owned by a Moravian enthusiast, now in possession of another Moravian collector.

In 2005 in a most sorrow state but complete.

The only surviving T77 with a Webasto roof.


Bohemia 1994

Typ: : T77

Year of production : 1936

Delivery date : 10 04 1936

Chassis number: : 23098

Org. engine number : 201598

Present engine nr. :T77Kasik4

First owner: : Stredomoravske elektrarny a.s. Prerov – Mittelmorawische Elektrizitätswerke A.G. Prerov, Bestellnummer 9119/36, Bestellt 3.2.36, Geliefert und uebernommen 19.3.1936

In the eighties owned by a Czech owner in Prestavlky

Sold to Frantisek Janik, Kromeriz

In the early nineties bought by present owner Pavel Kasik

Nowadays still owned by the same collector and under restoration in Czech Republic at a professional workshop.

Youngest T77 still around


Typ: : T77aT77aMorrisCommercial8

Year of production : 1936

Delivery date : 26 06 1936

Chassis number: : 33879

Org. engine number : 201619

Present engine nr. :

First owner: : Morris Commercial of Birmingham, UK

In the seventies still in the U.K. and owned by…..T77aNewZealand4

In the eighties exported to New Zealand

Restored to present condition in the beginning of this century.

Nowadays presented at the Southward Car Museum, Otaihanga Road, Paraparaumu, New Zealand.

The only T77/T77a in the Southern hemisphere.



Photo: 2009

Typ: : T77a

Year of production : 1936

Delivery date :

Chassis number: : 33900

Org. engine number : 201639

Present engine nr. : 201639

First owner : General Krejci

Car formerly owned by mr Hlas of Plzen.

Sold on 28 04 2002 to Minařík family /CZ


Typ: : T77a

Year of production : 1936T77aM-OutsideRear

Delivery date :

Chassis number: : 33907

Org. engine number : 201647

Present engine nr. : 201647

First owner : Tschechoslowakischen Zuckerfabrik

Sold in 2000 to Minařík family in CZ

Car is being restored.

Photo: Koprivnice 2005T77aChassisTatraMuseum

Typ: : T77a

Year of production : 1936

Delivery date : 33908

Org. engine number : 201649

Present engine nr. :

First owner: : Stramberg Witkowitzer Zementwerke

Complete Chassis on display in Tatra museum for instructional purposes. Body is missing.


The Tatra Museum T 77a here exhibited in Brno 2007

Typ: : T77a

Year of production : 1936

Delivery date : 25 03 1937

Chassis number: : 35656T77aTatraMuseumKoop

Org. engine number : 201678

Present engine nr. : 201678

First owner: : Prager Monntagsblatt.

Bought in the seventies by Josef Vermirovsky. Car had the original body, but missed its original hood, wheels, bumpers, instrunents. A converted T87 hood was fitted.

Car is presented in this condition in the Tatra Museum Koprivnice /CZ.

Non running car. Restoration is postponed due to lack of money.

Tatra Museum T 77a


Photo: Münster 2008

Typ: : T77a

Year of production : 1937

Delivery date : 20 05 1937

Chassis number : 35678

Org. engine number : 201700

Present engine nr. : 201633

First owner: : Josef Bartoň, Nachod

Bought new by industrialist Josef Barton from Nachod /CS in 1937.

Engine installed is an early replacement engine, originally with another T77a delivered to Gumoska, Jos Kudróc a.s. Nachod. (car delivered aug. 1936)

Bought by Kees Smit in Juni 1984 from Jaromir Kurc, Zdenka Stepanka 1878, Ostrava, CSSR.

Czechoslovak Exportpermit 1988

Exported to Netherlands in 1988

Body completely renovated, mechanically fully restored. Restored to a high quality in Czech Republic (Rudolf Kandus, Ecorra (engine)) between 1994 and 2007.

T77aKandus T77arearseatrenovation

Restoration fully documented.

Competed in the 2005 Beskydy rally and the 2007 100 year Tatra rallye Vienna-Brno-Koprivnice as part of a running-in programm and conquering child-illnesses.

2007-2014: Presented at several rallies.

2008: Concours dÉlegance Het Loo Palace Apeldoorn / NL: winner of streamlined class.

2010: Chosen at the NEC Classic Motor Show , Birmingham /UK as “Car of the Show” by the public.

2011-2013 Engine fully reconditioned by Mannesen Engines, Soesterberg /NL after engine appeared badly renovated.

2014:  with its private owner Kees Smit in the Netherlands.

Dutch disease

T77aKargerTyp: : T77a

Year of production : 1937

Delivery date : 20 08 1937

Chassis number: : 35690

Org. engine number : 201712

Present engine nr. : 201712

First owner: : Moldau Mühl, Brüder Pourek, Kienberg

Bought in unrestored but complete condition by Czechoslovakia’s State Technical Museum in the eighties from Stanislav Karger /Prague

At present in the NTM’s depot.

Not seen for decades: The mystery T77a


before Prochazka’s home in a Plzen suburb, 1991

Typ: : T77a

Year of production : 1937

Delivery date : 03 09 1937 T77aSimcaGarage1989

Chassis number: : 35696

Org. engine number : 201719

Present engine nr. : 201719

First owner: : Ing. Radim Matolin Ph

The car has a one -off body, 18 cm wider than the standard ones. Also, it features a windscreen set under an angle of 60˚ instead of 45˚ as is common on other T 77/T77a’s. The corner window frames are even the same as used on the prototype T87s.T77aNTM

Bought by Karl Prochazka, Plzen, CZ from a Pardubice owner. (Prochazka led the official Plzen based oldtimer supervised by the Artia state export organization in the communist days).

Car was optically restored at Simca garage in Prague, then sold to Kees Smit in 1991.

Car was confiscated by Czech customs in 1991 when it was exported.

Car is nowadays presented in the State Technical Museum in Prague.

The captured one. On view in Prague’s Narodni Technicke Museum.


photo: Fairfiel Concours d Élegance

Typ: : T77a

Year of production : 1937 T77A_Russia-1

Delivery date : 26 04 1938

Chassis number: : 35719

Org. engine number : 201742

Present engine nr. :

First owner: : Hugo Lansky

T77A_Russia-3 One of the last T77a’s sold (1938) A 1938 car but believed to be produced in 1937.

The 1938 car was complete with original chassis (chassis number 35719) and bodywork, original leather interior and dashboard instruments and original engine (engine number 201742)

Believed to be used as a staff car by the German forces after occupying the Soviet Union.

T77aJohnLongOldBodyIn 2000 a Russian gentleman contacted a Tatra website with the message he had inherited an old Tatra from his late uncle,which he wanted to sell. The car turned out to be the rare Tatra T77A, manufactured in 1938 with chassis number 35719, engine number 201742 and body colour ivory. The T77A was bought by a North-American collecter who is having the car restored in the Czech Republic.

Restored to a high condition at RS restorations in 2003-2005. The car got a replica body but the original body is still around and complete.

Winner of a ‘yellow ribbon’ – a special award for Engineering Excellence at the 2006 Meadowbrook Concours dÉlegance.

The Moscow car


Photo: Prague 1987

Typ: : T77a

Year of production :

Delivery date :

Chassis number: :

Org. engine number :

Present engine nr. : 201509

First owner: :

Complete car with original T77a body, having underwent communist-style restoration jobs.

Originally fitted with Webasto sunroof.

Chassisnr. (car got a T 77 chassisnumber according to Czech documents; Chassisnumber is however believed to be swapped with another T 77 car formerly owned by mr Uc, a T 77 converted to a T77a body)

Formerly owned by long-time T77a owner mr Uc of Prague who kept the T77a in a good mechanical condition but restored the body himself along Czech standard common under communism in the eighties.

Sold to Kees Smit in 1991.

Imported to Netherlands 1992

Minor restoration work done.

Sold to German industrialist around 2000

Car is still with its present owner.


Photo: Nymburk 2000

Typ: : T77a

Year of production :

Delivery date :

Chassis number: :

Org. engine number :

Present engine nr. :

First owner: :

Car bought from Nymburk owner in 2003 by mr Kandus. T77aNymburkMarsch_T77A-2

Sold later to mr Plíšek.

Resold to the present collector in CZ

In September 2005 its engine at Roman Spacek restorations while a replica body was built at Florian.

Car at the moment under restoration.

T77a known as the one where a tree grew through its roof.