Danish T613-2/4 forsale

T613-2-4 forsale

I wish to sell my Tatra 613.

The car is first registered in 1977.I have all documentation and car history. The car was in 85 transformed to a type 4 at the factory.

The has driven approx. 5000 since complete engine refurbishment at Krnepo.

New muffler, Weber carburetors, sport suspension, fuel pump and more.

Some rust in back doors and front wings, New front wings and a lot of other parts including 3 oil filters, comes with the car.

Price 7.500.- Euros OBO

Søren Værnstrøm

+45 3120 6944


Has Tatra finally made it to the classic-car big league?

Tatra 600 Tatraplan

The Czech marque is emerging from the shadows, and collectors are taking note

Until recently, Tatra, at least in the eyes of most western collectors, was one of those weird brands from behind the Iron Curtain. Most early Tatras could easily be mistaken for a prop from “Metropolis” or some early Jules Verne screen adaptation that melded art deco design with a steampunk aesthetic. Few U.S. car collectors had ever seen a real Tatra in the metal.

The recent feature of a special class for Tatras at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance seemed to be the culmination of a journey for the marque on this side of the Atlantic. That, plus a number of high-profile appearances in addition to a serious gain in Tatra numbers in North America over the last few years, has arguably propelled the marque into a spotlight, even if a temporary one.

Full article: http://autoweek.com/article/classic-cars/has-tatra-made-it-west-collector-car

The T 87 auctioned at Bonhams

<i>Single family ownership since 1975</i><br /><b>1948 Tatra T87 Sedan  </b><br />Engine no. 222667

Engine no. 222667
Sold for US$ 104,500 (€82,687) inc. premium


Rear engined Corvette


Rumors of upcoming mid-engined Corvettes are one of those things that never seem to go away, like that funny rash on your thigh or that process server who just can’t seem to take a hint. Strangely, there was another alternate Corvette layout that never seems to resurface: the rear-engined ‘Vette. Yet there actually was one.


Tatra among Czech economic delegation visiting Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Tlapa is to arrive in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Saturday to hold economic talks with Iranian officials.

Tlapa is  heading a trade delegation comprising representatives of 20 Czech companies.

The mission’s visit to Iran, which has been organized by the Czech Chamber of Commerce, will last until September 17.  It is aimed at establishing trade contacts with the Iranian market, Prague Post reported.

Earlier on September 3, Tlapa in a meeting with Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for American and European Affairs Majid Takht Ravanchi had announced that a delegation of 20 companies and business people would head to Tehran on September 13 in an attempt to improve bilateral economic ties.

Representatives from auto manufacturers such as Skoda Auto, Tatra, Skoda Transportation as well as textile manufacturers will be in the business delegation, said the Czech official.

During the meeting, the Iranian deputy foreign minister also said economic relations with the Czech Republic is crucially important for the Islamic Republic.



ZUZANA 2 is an advanced wheeled 155mm self propelled gun howitzer developed by KONŠTRUKTA-Defence and produced by ZTS – ŠPECIÁL primarily for the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic.

The artillery system is a new version of the 155mm / 45 calibre ZUZANA self propelled howitzer which entered into service with the Slovak Army in 1998. ZUZANA 2 is capable of conducting multiple round simultaneous impact (MRSI) operations.

The howitzer was demonstrated at the International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies (IDET) 2011 held in Brno, Czech Republic and at the International Defence Exhibition (IDEB) 2014 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

More: http://www.army-technology.com/projects/zuzana-2-155mm-self-propelled-gun-howitzer/

Tatras at the Dessauer Woche to celebrate the return of the Hanomag Diesel Record car to the German Autobahn near Dessau





Last weekend, 20, mostly streamlined  classics and Hanomags, classics accompanied the Hanomag Rekordwagen in its return to the German Autobahn A9 near Dessau, a spot where it achieved record 75 years ago.


Background info: http://www.tatraworld.nl/2014/08/23/historic-racing-cars-and-t-87-to-dessauer-race-weekend/

A 25 year old fraternal kiss

On 6–7 October 1989 the national celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the East German state took place with Soviet Union preseident MichaelGorbachev in attendance. During the event, several hundred members of the Free German Youth began chanting,“Gorby, help us! Gorby, save us!”.[53] In a private conversation between the two leaders Honecker praised the success of the nation, but Gorbachev knew that, in reality, it faced bankruptcy; East Germany had already accepted billions of dollars in loans from West Germany during the decade as it sought to stabilise its economy. Attempting to make Honecker accept a need for reforms, Gorbachev warned “life punishes those who come too late”, yet Honecker maintained that “we will solve our problems ourselves with socialist means”. Protests outside the reception at the Palace of the Republic led to hundreds of arrests.

As the reform movement spread throughout Central and Eastern Europe, mass demonstrations against the East German government erupted, most prominently in Leipzig—the first of several demonstrations which took place on Monday night across the country. In response, an elite paratroop unit was dispatched to Leipzig—almost certainly on Honecker’s orders, since he was commander-in-chief of the army. A bloodbath was only averted when local party officials themselves ordered the troops to pull back. In the following week, Honecker faced a torrent of criticism. This gave his Politburo comrades the impulse they needed to replace him.

T 87 at Bonhams Auction Philadelphia on October 7

Bonhams in Philadelphia

Bonhams’ annual ‘Preserving the Automobile’ auction always features a number of museum-worthy oddities, and this year’s sale includes a fine example of one of history’s most unconventional production cars.

At the time of its launch, the Tatra T87 was unlike anything else, real or imagined, and even today its unique mechanicals and shape inspire ‘oooh!’s and ‘huh?’s in about equal numbers. The streamlined body with shark fin spine might look like something from one of those hilariously inaccurate 1950s illustrations of The Future, but the T87 dates back to 1936, though you’d never know it to drive it; technically as well as aesthetically, it was ahead of its time.

With its proprietary four-speed transmission and air-cooled V8, the T87 will do 100mph on the motorway and 20 miles to the gallon at 60mph. The steering is light, the cabin comfortable and the ride good. No wonder German military officers were so fond of it. For the sake of balance, however, (no pun intended) we should point out that the T87 is a touch tail-heavy… Writer Gordon Wilkins noted that ‘it produces in the driver the uneasy exhilaration which may be got from shampooing a lion’. Just something to bear in mind before you drop $ 90,000-110,000 on this lovely, sympathetically refurbished 1948 car.

For more information on the sale (6 October) and a full list of consignments, click here.


Video: TRN Meeting 2014


See Dutch, British, Germans and Czechs struggle with their Tatras


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