Tatra V855 in action



Ales Loprais joins De Rooij/ Iveco Team for the 2016 Dakar

Dutch news sites reports that Ales Loprais will join the De Rooij’s Iveco team to fight the mighty KAMAZ team in next year’s Dakar



Low attention for Tatra reason that Clarkson was fired by the BBC

According to motoring journalists in very close contacts to James May, Jeremy Clarkson was fired because he had paid not enough attention to Tatra, the BBC’s direction favourite brand.  After the BBC ordered Clarkson to pay more attention to the Czech brand, Clarkson got furious, and shouted at a colleague and gave him a few blows. According to the BBC, Clarkson crossed a line.  Tatra lovers should not worry however as known Tatra fan Stephen Fry revs up as Clarkson’s successor.




Italian branch of TFI showing Tatras in Milan



From March 20 to 22 was held the exhibition MILANO CLASSIC CAR. Organized by the TFI Delegazione Italiana, TATRA was present with four cars T600 Tatraplan (with 8-cylinder engine), T87, T603 and T613 have been very success

Topolino Amaranto Video: Italian T57 near Maranello

T57-1932Topolino Amaranto

In the realm of Ferrari Modena, close to Maranello, the Italian Delegation TFI has discovered a Tatra T57 1932.
In you tube with the title Tatra 57-1932 amaranth mouse you can see the video of the car.

TFI Delegazione Italiana news

Another tail fin success

As much as we venerate men like Harley Earl, Bill Mitchell, Virgil Exner, and Dick Teague as characters who shaped what an American car meant during America’s automobile-centric century, Raymond Loewy and Brooks Stevens—industrial designers who dabbled in automobiles—defined the midcentury American aesthetic. The French-born Loewy drew inspiration from transport, and, of course, his Studebaker Avanti resembled a late-1970s automobile, despite first reaching the world in 1962. But Loewy, born in 1893, was first romanced by trains. His younger peer Brooks Stevens grew up with the car, and this particular 1930 Cord can be seen as the industrial design titan’s first automotive project—albeit one he modified for himself.

Stevens acquired the car during his stint as a design student at Cornell and set about repurposing it as a proper sportsman’s automobile. The L29 features a golf-clubs compartment, no top, and no wipers. Stevens was apparently a fair-weather sportsman. The Cord’s small gauges were replaced with a custom gauge cluster featuring units with larger, easier-to-read faces. The at-a-glance legibility proved handy during the hill-climbs the young designer enjoyed competing in. The standard L29’s clamshell fenders gave way to skirted units, and Stevens deleted the running boards for a more wasp-waisted look. Woodlite headlamps, common on Ruxtons of the era, replaced the stock units, and Stevens swapped the basic Cord radiator cap for a winged ornament of his own design.

The rear dorsal fin is roughly contemporaneous with the similarly equipped Tatra 77, though its smooth profile is more reminiscent of the unit on the later, more organic T87. Though the body is fundamentally prewar American, Stevens’s special suggests both postwar hot rods and customs, and it offers little hints of what was to come from the American auto industry two decades later. Stevens owned the car until his death in 1995. Two years later, Ed and Judy Schoenthaler purchased the car from the designer’s estate, with the promise that it’d be restored just as Stevens had designed it.

Fresh off the resto, it bowed at Pebble Beach in 2000. This year, it took home Best of Show at the 20th annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. Cords are utterly fascinating automobiles in their own right, but given the machine’s provenance and its place in the history of American industrial design, it could be argued that Stevens’s Cord was the most important car on the lawn yesterday. It’s fitting that it rolled off with the most important trophy. Not convinced? Think of it this way—this car ultimately led to the Willys Jeepster, the Wienermobile, today’s full-dress Harley-Davidsons, and Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green’s beloved Miller High Life guitar. If that’s not cultural relevance, what is?


Tatra at IDET, Abu Dhabi


TATRA TRUCKS will present itself for the first time at one of the most important defence exhibitions in the world, IDEX in Abu Dhabi.

The firm is the new owner of TATRA automotive company, based in Koprivnice.

The relation with the Middle East countries is very important for this famous Czech automotive company, and IDEX is a traditional place where the news about company products are presented to customers.

TATRA TRUCKS will bring two exhibits to IDEX that will start to serve as demo vehicles in Saudi Arabia., as well as other vehicles that will be introduced to countries within the Middle East region.

TATRA PHOENIX was introduced in 2011 as a result of cooperation with DAF TRUCKS NV. This product line will be presented at IDEX for the very first time.

The producer has decided to show this new model as an all-wheel-drive 6×6 tractor for different purposes. The base of the truck is TATRA unique chassis with independent swinging half axles suspended by air.

The comfortable cabin is supplied by DAF. It is available in a ‘day cab’ version, as well as a ’sleeper cab’ version.

Four power versions of the water-cooled 12.9l engine PACCAR MX are available. These are 265kW, 300kW, 340kW, and 375 kW. They can be completed with ZF 16-speed manual or automated gearbox. A full automatic gearbox is also available on demand.

TATRA PHOENIX is further equipped with TATRA transfer case that brings the power to the driveline inside of TATRA backbone tube.

The second exhibit is the model TATRA 815-7, which is also available in the drive version 6×6 with a platform as a cargo / troop carrier. This vehicle is built on TATRA unique chassis, all axles suspended by air.

The solution allows the vehicle to travel at a high speed, even in a rough terrain. The model is equipped with a Cummins ISLe 375 engine, which has a 276 kW output, and a TATRA 10-speed automated gearbox.

Wheels on the vehicle are equipped with a central tire inflation system that allows the tyres to be filled in / by the driver from cabin. The cabin is produced in TATRA, and due to its design can be very easy armoured.

The TATRA stand will be located in the Capital Plaza, position CP 420 alongside other companies related to the major shareholder. These are EXCALIBUR ARMY, KARBOX, and MSM MARTIN.

EXCALIBUR ARMY is the leading Czech company in the field of military equipment, spare parts and, ammunition maintenance, overhauls, and production.

The firm’s most important products are the Jackal IFV and the DANA-M1 CZ self-propelled howitzers.

Years of experience in repairs, maintenance, logistics and their emphasis on quality put EXCALIBUR ARMY among the best Czech defence industry companies.

KARBOX is the Czech producer of containers and box extensions. Apart from the containers, the company produces technologically superior interior equipment, based on customers’ demands

There is a wide range of specialised containers and container extensions on offer, from offices to the laundry rooms to the mobile army hospitals.

Slovakia will be represented at the exhibition by MSN MARTIN, which focuses on the repairs and production of military technology, weapons, ammunition, and equipment. The company is known for designing, developing, and delivering complete technology solutions for the entire life cycle of its products.

EXCALIBUR ARMY, KARBOX, and MSM MARTIN n belong to the EXCALIBUR GROUP holding, which associates Czech and Slovak security and defence industry companies, and is a direct successor of the successful tradition of Czechoslovak and Czech weapon production.

T 815-7 for Australian fire fighters

Tatra 815-7 pro australské hasiče


Video: Pebble Beach winners 2014


All the winning Tatras at Pebble Beach 2014 at 1.38


T 600 restoration progressing

1950 Tatra T600 For Sale Side

Tatra T600 1950 Project Bring a Trailer

This is the second installment in the BaT Success Story of the Tatra that the current owner purchased from a BaT listing way back in 2011 (link). The first BaT Success Story came quickly (link), but the next four years have all been inside a body shop. With paint finally complete, the owner has sent along this second update, and more info on the plans for the car.


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