Tatra 70 years book on line

Tatra 70Years

The Tata 70 years book, published in 1967, is now on line.


T 57b for sale


T 57b  for sale in Northern Germany.  Restored from 2011 to 2013.  Price : 13500 Euro.

Please contact osm.kruempelbeck@t-online.de for more details.

New and enlarged edition of well-known Tatra book to be published soon


Tatra – The Legacy of Hans Ledwinka, updated and revised new edition, Veloce Publishing, Dorchester, UK ISBN 978-1-1845847-99-9:


For sale: Austria built T 12 in 87 photos





The rally enjoyed 78 starter; 49 finished the trial.  The route of the 5900 km trial in details was as follows: Leningrad – Tver – Moscow – Tula – Kharkov – Rostov-na-Donu – Armavir – Pyatigorsk – Tiflis – Pyatigorsk – Rostov-na-Donu – Kharkov – Moscow. Trucks also took part in it – their route was Leningrad – Moscow – Kursk – Moscow, 1635-km long. The trial started on August 18, 1925.

The trial started on August 18, 1925.  In the rally, Tatra won trhe economical prize in their class.19 stages, 5.300 km. Leningrad – Moscow – Tiflis – Moscow; 78 Starter / 49 finishers


New 2016 Vladimir Cettl Tatra Calendar

T57KCalendar2015For his 2016 calendar, Czech photographer Vladimir Cettl chose the 2015 TRD meeting to shoot pix of Tatra lovers, their cars and the commitment to their hobby.

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Tatra coexists with Peterbilt at 2015 Art Center Car Classic




Military to buy 41 Tatra lorries for transport of mortars


Prague, Sept 29 (CTK) – The Czech military is planning to buy 41 Tatra special terrain lorries on which mortars can be mounted and will have land-mine proof cabins for over half a billion crowns, Defence Ministry spokesman Petr Medek told CTK yesterday.
The Defence Ministry wants to give the order directly to the Czech Tatra Trucks company, Medek said.
Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky (ANO) wants to inform the government about the deal on Wednesday, he added.
“With the purchase, there will be a basic modernisation of the mortar units with the 120 mm mortars, a considerably increase in their combat capability and in the protection of the crew,” Medek said.
Given their age, the Praga V3S vehicles, now used by the ground forces, are no longer usable, do not fulfil the demands for a safe transfer of ammunition and do not provide protection to the crews, he added.
The Czech military uses the Tatra chassis for most of its lorries.
“Within the unification of the equipment, there is a considerably simplification of the logistics, while costs are saved,” Medek said.
The four-axle vehicles will have extended land-mine proof cabins, Tatra spokesman Andrej Cirtek has told CTK.
The resistance of the cabin was verified by test explosions, he added.
“Tatra invested tens of million crowns in their development,” Cirtek said.
“If launched, the project will be the biggest deal of the Czech military for Tatra in the past five years,” he added.
“The new version of the Tatra with the cabin also has a strong export potential,” Cirtek said.
The vehicles are to be delivered by next November. The deal is supposed to cost 511 million crowns without the VAT.
($1=24.387 crowns)

Late T 613 on e-bay


T 57K for sale on e-bay

T57K4sale2015 009

Rare T 57K for sale. Car needs finishing. Body restored with partly new wood. 1.7 litre flat twin. Original T 57K wheels. Engine did run in 2012 and looks OK. Complete with many parts, ready to fit. Front seats original + replica rear seat fram present. Soft top has to be manufactured; soft-top frame is present. EC papers, no registration.

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