DAKAR 2018 Stage 3. Loprais looses time due to mechanical troubles. Kolomy made it to the finish way back and can start in Stage 4


Martin Kolomy comments: Today’s start of the stage was wonderful, but then we were hit by a technical fault on the wiring and stopped the engine for quite a long time. We could not find it, but the important thing is that we are at the finish and we can continue with a lot of loss, but we will continue to fight because we are at the beginning of the competition. It’s not nice, we had a lot of fun, we were a lot ahead, and we knew that somebody would not take us anymore, because the start was very challenging, where there were sea exits that were so risky that there were competitive trucks there and we also took a couple of times. But unfortunately, no one can see it even when we get 100% coolness, still just wires and spinning wheels, it’s just a bad luck, “said Martin Kolomý